Amazing digital art

Maggie Taylor opened my eyes as to what the possibilities of digital art could really be…for a long time, I disdained Photoshop and really, all things digital.  I loved film and the darkroom.  But when I saw her work, all that changed.  She creates magic from images and her site is creative as well.  A whole new world opened up for me and I haven’t looked back.

Girl in a bee dress by Maggie Taylor


Surrounded by Maggie Taylor


Maggie Taylor:

Remember a time before Photoshop?

One of the images I saw that convinced me that I wanted to pursue a more creative path is the one below.  I saw this and it blew MY mind that this came out of someone’s mind.  The goldfish are made out of ceramics by the artist and this is an actual set.

Sandy Skoglund created her images in camera, I cannot even imagine the amount of time it took to put together one image.  I love her vision and her ability to take her vision and make it into something for us all to see.

Sandy Skogland, Revenge of the Goldfish


Sandy Skogland:

What light can do

I love this photograph by Tim Walker.  It’s simple enough, some dresses hanging in a tree, but when you look at how he lit it, the dresses seem luminous and almost magical, like they are beckoning you to some other land.  Light, to a photographer, is like a painter’s brush – it is amazing what you can do with it when you recognize it’s power to change or shape an image.

The Dress/Lamp Tree by Tim Walker

Tim Walker:

It’s all in the details

I have to admit to being all over the place when it comes to art – I love it all.  One of the things I really appreciate and admire is the attention to detail that so many artists invest in their work.

E.J. Taylor is a doll artist, amongst other things.  The detail in his pieces is incredible.  In this photo of his doll, Belle of the Masque, you can look at it forever noticing how he has embellished her.  I would love to see this piece in person!

E.J. Taylor:

Belle of the Masque by E.J. Taylor

Doughnuts and Robots

How can you go wrong with doughnuts and robots?

Eric Joyner is this amazing artist that is unabashedly clear about his love of doughnuts and robots.

What I love about his work is his great imagination – he puts doughnuts and robots in situations I would never have imagined if it wasn’t for him.

If you need a reason to smile, definitely check out his work:

Eric Joyner