One thousand adorable characters

Danil Krivoruchko, also known as Myshli, wanted to see how creative he could get using a certain set of parameters.  Below is his explanation:

One Thousand Ksoids by Myshli


If you go to the site, you can randomly select different ksoids – they’re all wonderful and seem to have a personality all their own.

One Thousand Ksoids by Myshli


One Thousand Ksoids by Myshli


Danil Krivoruchko:

Details, details

Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins has an amazing way of making his imagination come to life in a way that when you see it, makes you believe that it might be something you could actually see in real life.  You could look at one of his paintings for a long time just taking in the details he puts into it.  It’s like falling into Alice’s rabbit hole and landing in some fantastic place.

His work is also the inspiration for a short film, “I’m Scared” that will hopefully be out soon – I’m guessing it will be great!

Good Knight by Greg “Craola” Simkins


Join Me by Greg “Craola” Simkins


Greg “Craola” Simkins:

Dolls that tell a story

Cindee Moyer is an artist who makes dolls.  Her dolls are soulful, detailed and if the story behind them isn’t readily apparent, you can imagine what it might be from the personalities that she imbues them with.

Princess and the Pea by Cindee Moyer


La Vie en Rose by Cindee Moyer


Cindee Moyer:



More great digital art

When I first looked at Sonya Fu’s work, I immediately thought that this was painted or drawn on paper.  I was surprised when I found out that this was digital.  Her use of color, light and shading is beautiful and mesmerizing.


Dream a Little Dream by Sonya Fu


Inner Child by Sonya Fu


Sonya Fu:

Love his use of color

I love color and when an artist knows how to use color, it really is a feast for the eye.  Daniel Merriam has a good eye for color combinations and his paintings are intricate and detailed in design and how he puts colors together.

A World Apart by Daniel Merriam


The Man in the Moon by Daniel Merriam


Daniel Merriam:



Sometimes you just need something that will make you smile

Gary Ham is an artist with a playful esthetic.

The toys that he has created just put a smile on my face and some days you need it!

Here is Wooper Looper, who also has his own poem:

It’s been said that I look like a lizard,
I’ve even been called a newt!
I’m neither or either, I’m my very own creature,
I’m a Wooper Looper! Woop Woop!

I have toes and I swim, I regenerate limbs,
I think the gills on my head are quite foxy,
Sadly, some people like to eat me, 
They fry me and pair with Sake.

I’ve traveled by air, by sea, and by land,
I’ll be yours, your new little chum,
This outcome you’ll see, as happy as can be,
Brought to you by Chauskoskis and Ham.


Wooper Looper, designed by Gary Ham and sculpted by Chauskoskis


Wooper Looper, designed by Gary Ham and sculpted by Chauskoskis


Wooper Looper, designed by Gary Ham and sculpted by Chauskoskis


Gary Ham:  Superham Designs LLC


Toys as art

The significant other thinks I’m slightly crazy.  I collect toys.

There is a growing movement of people who make incredible “toys” for adults.  Designer toys are just like any other artwork in that there may be only one, or maybe a few produced and they are usually expensive.  What is more available to those with more modest means are what they call urban toys and while these can also be limited runs, they are generally affordable.  They are often made of vinyl, so the term urban vinyl also comes up.

Coarse is a good example of the designer toy movement.  Coarse is two men, Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk, who do these incredibly soulful pieces.  Some of their art makes it into production, but even when it does, the number of pieces are usually limited and sell out relatively quickly.

The photos below are from a recent exhibition of their work at Rotofugi Gallery:

Bloodline by Coarse, from the Prisoners Beside Me exhibition at Rotofugi Gallery


Buried Passion by Coarse, from the Prisoners Beside Me exhibition at Rotofugi Gallaery


Here is an example of one of their pieces that made it into a limited production run:

Outburst Loop by Coarse

The Coarse Omen Owls (as they are called) are extremely popular and collected by many.

There are many other great artists out there that are translating their work into toys, I think it is awesome to see their work in three dimensions and will definitely post more about them.





The magic of creating your world so that others can see it

Odo the Last Dodo by Tyson Grumm

Tyson Grumm is a painter who creates amazing paintings of what he sees in his head.  I think that is a true talent, when you can successfully translate your imagination into something that people can look at and appreciate.

His work evokes fabulous fairy and folk tales, I wish I could live in his world – and by way of his paintings, I can.

Podcast by Tyson Grumm


Tyson Grumm:



Open your eyes to digital art

The subject line of this post is actually in reference to myself…it took me a long time to come around to the idea that you could actually create art in a computer, but with the changing technology and the brilliant and creative minds of some artists, some amazing things are happening.

I love the artwork of Bobby Chiu, it’s whimsical and also beautiful.  His choice of colors and the way he works with light and brush strokes brings his works to life.  He also often has great back stories for his work, which makes them even better.

Early Bloom by Bobby Chiu

Once every ten years, before the red flowers of the Rutilus Tree fully bloom, the Blossoming Dissimulic will come out of its nest inside the tree to feed. The bright red hairs on its antlers resemble Rutilus flowers and attract a huge array of little critters from the forest. This one week of feeding will sustain the Dissimulic as it hibernates until the next Rutilus blossom.
-from Bobby Chiu’s page on CGSociety

Bobby Chiu:  Imaginsm Studios     CGSociety